So sorry I haven't been chiming in here! Been bouncing like a pinball lately and haven't checked in until now.

So glad to hear that Suzanne is coming! And Nicole again a maybe??? That is way cool. Also really happy to hear of everyone else coming. This could get real dangerous in a good way.

Also enjoying all the blasts from the past. While we're at it, here's one from the very first gathering back on 2006... The woods are thicker and my hair is still dark! Notice Joe's silver wet plate tent! That's where I got my first whiff of the ether and caught the wet plate bug. (Thanks, Joe!)


Although I've been burning it at both ends, it is time to get to work on Photostock and the website. I'll soon have a registration form up so that I can get everyone's email for newsletters and such. I have several announcements and I want to make sure everyone gets the word.

Before then, I wanted to mention a couple orders of business for discussion.

#1. Jim LeMay has been kind enough to arrange a visit for all that want to go to Fort Michilmackinac for some shooting of the living museum and people that play their part there. Entrance fee would be waived, but they have commercial restrictions and also request that any images made there be available for their use in return. I know this may be an issue for folks and I don't want it to become a big deal right now, I just want to put it out there to see what interest there is. If enough folks want to go, we'll set-up a time and organize a detail to get people up there.

#2. There has been some talk of having models available for those that are interested. Last year we had a great time shooting each other, but maybe we should have other options? Dan and Silke have been kind enough to begin looking into this. There will be more on this, but I wanted to get this out there as well. There will obviously be a cost involved with this and Dan is looking into model fees.

#3. I still want to keep the spirit of last year alive with the anything goes policy, but I will again have a few things scheduled including a couple presentations, demos, etc. As in year's past, anyone who has an interest in taking a slot to present their work or a demonstration, please come forward and let me know.

#4. Hearing that the hotel is filling up is good news, but I don't want people to feel that because the place is full that there is no room for them to participate. I'll look into the Best Western down the road as overflow. There is also the State Park down the road as well as a lot of rental property in the area. If people are interested, I will look into this and maybe people can go in on a place not too far away.

That's all for now on my end. I'll soon have the registration up and running and will announce it here. Please feel free to spread the word to friends that might not know. We had a lot of new blood last year and it was great to meet new people. If you know people that will fit into the ethos of Photostock, by all means, let them know.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!!!