Thanks for that link. I saved it into my file of all things photographica.

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I wonder if completely dehydrating them and storing them in the fridge (safely sealed of course) would allow you to store them for several weeks. Then when you're ready print, you could take them out and let them acclimate to the humidity level of your house.
If you mean after sensitization, then yes, this is possible. I am aware of some printers who do this, but it's generally regarded that freezing does a much better job of preserving sensitized tissues than just the refrigerator, especially if you're looking at the "several weeks" scale of time.

Keep in mind that there is a "dark reaction" with dichromate and gelatin that is slowed (but not stopped) by fully drying. It is slowed much more effectively by temperature. Though the time scale and the mechanism itself is very different, conceptually, it's the same idea as storing your film at room temperature vs. the fridge vs. the freezer.