This could be an ordinary B&W reversal process list.

1st developer, wash with water to stop the developing action, then a bleach like potassium dichromate & sulfuric acid to remove the developed silver (the negative image), a water rinse, clearing agent as in a sodium bisulfite clearing step to clear the dichromate stain, water wash, toner which could be another way of denoting a sodium sulfide solution which will fog & develop the remaining silver-halide in one take (producing a kind of sepia positive), and finally a couple more water washes for good measure. The result - a positive straight out of the camera.

I strongly suspect that's what this list is.

I too am very interested in photo booths, and have tried myself to email some folks and to get in touch with people, but to absolutely no avail. Is there some kind of secret society for photo booth technicians who have all taken a vow of secrecy or something?!?

Can't help you with color, other than to say that it is possible to cross-process RA-4 paper. Photo Engineer has posted some stuff in the past.