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The developer's not that special but you do need direct positive material, Harman/Ilford make a direct positive paper that will fit your needs.

This is D-88

Kodak D-88 developer for reversal processing

Sodium sulphite (anh) 45 g
Hydroquinone 22.5 g
Boric acid 5.5 g
Potassium bromide 2.5 g
Sodium hydroxide 22.5 g
Water to make 1 litre

Use full strength. De vDirect Positive Paper 45 seconds at 20C, rinse, bleach for 30 seconds in R-9, rinse, clear in CB-1, rinse, re-expose, redevlop in T-19 or D-88, wash, and dry.

This is a developer similar to those used in Photo-booths, however the Harman Direct Positive paper needs far simpler processing as it's a true direct reversal material just needing dev, stop, fix and wash - so no reversal processing. Ideal