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Would you please describe the failing capacitor problem/fix. I have an X700 with a shutter that won't fire. Sounds like this could be the problem. Thanks,

Hey Bill!

This is a fairly common problem, and a simple fix. There are up to three capacitors in the X-series system. One or all of them can fail over time and basically, the TTL meter will light up, but the shutter won't fire. I think that sometimes the mirror will hang up too. I had this problem on my first X-700 about 5 years ago. Everything would light up, but the shutter wouldn't fire. The shop I bought it from just replaced it with a newer body rather than sending it out for repair. I'm pretty certain that if you do a Google search for 'Minolta X-700 capacitor' or something like that you will find a number of resources. There is actually a chap on eBay who sells capacitor 'kits' and full instruction manuals on how to fix this, they're quite cheap. AFAIK it's one of those problems that a repair shop will charge you a fortune for, but if you're good with a soldering iron you can do yourself.

Hope that this helps, if not, let me know,