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Ed, I am assuming that you know that any amount of Cyan added to a filter pack is equivalent to an equal amount subtracted from Y and M (eg. +10c = -10y and -10m).
I always start my filter pack at 50y, 50m, 0c when printing a new neg, but I almost never finish there.
ekjt, 102,5Y 92,5M is not an unusual filter pack. if 50y,50m is a conventional starting point, 0y, 0m, 10c (the inverse of your filter pack from 50y,50m) would be far more unusual
Yes, I do know that adding cyan filtration is the equivalent of subtracting magenta and yellow. Necessary if you are already at 0 magenta (or yellow) and need to subtract more.

I keep a running log of the filtration needed to print. My "start" will be at the average of color correction used for a specific film, exposed with a specific light source (e.g. studio flash), the specific paper and the specific chemistry. That is where I start. Lots more to follow, usually.

BTW ... Your example ... Wouldn't 00 Magenta; 00 Yellow; 50 Cyan be the inverse of 50M; 50Y; 00C?