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I thought you did know Ed. I was confused by one of your responces.
Just as mine is confusing. My example was based upon 102,5Y 92,5M being 52.5y and 42.5m higher than 50y,50m, 0c. This would make the inverse (-52.5y and -42.5m from 50y, 50m) 0y, 10m, 2.5c not the number I quoted.
There is a reason I sport a fried egg.
I purposely left out the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow relationships to avoid confusion. Or, more truthfully, I left it up to someone else to take the bait. :rolleyes:

I rarely use - or need - cyan filtration. Somewhere around here I have some .jpg images downloaded from the "old" PC I just replaced, of a model illuminated with the light from color transparencies projected through a Hasselblad PCP80 projector, and photographed on Daylight CN. Light source ~ 3600K - but really not too relevant after passing through the tranny. Those prints *needed* an offsetting cyan filtration. When I find those files, I'll post a few in the "Technical Gallery".