Join the ever-shrinking but reclusive group of Minolta fanatics. I have the SR-7, the X-570 and X-700, and a bang around X-G1. Then I have the Maxxums 800si, 5, and 7. It is the Minolta glass there. I stumbled into the 800si and the 5 following theft of my 7000i while on a trip to New Mexico. I have considered abandoning the entire Minolta line as recently as today. The F100 felt like a dream in my hand, but there is no way I would give up my MC 85mm f/1.7, or the 70-210mm f/4 that are like old friends. The cameras are reliable and versatile and when used with practice and care produce beautiful images (like all cameras). Once you get beyond the P-mode, they can be fun. I like the multiple exposure mode in the 3 AF cameras. I like the cheap but wonderful glass in the Manual Focus cameras that I have held onto for so many years. And most of all, I like the surprise when I show up with a camera that is not a Nikon or Canon, but still very professional. Yes, we Minolta shooters are a strange bunch, but not all that different from the Pentax and Olympus crowd. Glad to have a good body with spectacular cheap glass in hand.