Even though it is pearl finish on the RC, I am pretty sure it is the flatness of the paper compared to the subtle peaks and valleys of Fiber that make it look different. The shot is on APX25 at 10 x 10, so there is no grain to speak of, just the finest of details. The contrast on the fiber is greater as are the depth of the tones, looks great. But even though the RC is looking flatter overall as one would expect, it is just rendering details a bit better than the glossy warm tone fiber based paper.

Obviously, despite the softer details, the warm tone fiber is the way to go...

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Which component of sharpness are you concentrating on?

Accutance, contrast or resolution.

As I expect you are aware, accutance tends to have the largest affect on perceived sharpness.

My guess is that the difference in surface texture is affecting your perception of accutance,