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hi perry

if you can find yourself a bachrach bracket you can screw it into your side tripod hole and have a flash off to the side
like a modern version of the star wars lights. for years i did this with a lumedyne 244, but you can mount any sort of light on there
and feed the pc cord to your lens. bachrach brackets on eboink sell for about 30$, but make sure you get one with a screw to mount it onto
your camera ...
Hi John,

I did a quick search on the name and found they have a wide array of brackets just like Stroboframe and other makers.

I have a grip/bracket like this for my RB67: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produc...gger_Grip.html

I'm seriously thinking at this point, going to Home Depot, buy a small piece of angle iron, drill holes in it to match the holes on the bottom of the flash bracket part of this grip which you can unscrew, then drill holes into my body and mount the angle iron direct to the body on the upper right side of the camera body (as in shooting the camera). I thought of this first, because I have to be cheap (inexpensive) right now due to economy, but also I didn't really want to drill additional holes in my body but at this point I'm thinking that's the thing to do. None of these brackets have dimensions on them on the B&H site. There's no objective way to compare one over another. You can't just decide on the basis of how it's advertised (35mm, digital, medium format, yadda...)