Please pardon the late response, I only just noticed this discussion.

The humble Century Graphic or the slightly less humble 2x3 Pacemaker Crown Graphic (with a Graflok, not a spring, back) is nowhere near as lovely an artifact as an Alpa 12 but will do all that an Alpa 12 can do, and more. The Century is much less expensive. I have one, also a couple of 2x3 Crowns with Grafloks, use the Century because I got it first. Lenses used on it range from 35/4.5 Apo Grandagon through 38/4.5 Biogon (from an aerial camera, not from a Hasselblad, and it doesn't cover 2x3), a 47/5.6 SA, ... to a 10.16" Taylor Hobson Copying Lens. With a little help from my 2x3 Pacemaker Speed Graphic and some simple brackets my little Century can be used with focal lengths up to 480 mm. Read about all this at

Graphics are made for shooting handheld but shooting from tripod gives much better control over framing.