As I made mention in a related thread ("Your Latest 35mm purchase"), I recently picked up a pair of bargain grade F2 bodies from my favorite used camera store - KEH - with the intention of having a source of replacement parts should any ever be needed. One body was, true to its grading, suitable only for parts. The second, however, was, in my estimation, a definite candidate for refurbishment. I have already gone so far as to pick up a DE-1 finder for the body. One issue: the shutter. The thing looks to be in good shape - no wrinkles, no creases, etc. However, there seems, to this shooter's ears, no discernible difference in the sound the shutter makes irrespective of the setting chosen (i.e. 1/500th of a second sounds the same, and moves the same, as 1/2 a second!). Is it possible that the shutter could be this far out of whack, or is it more likely that the mechanism is toast? My experience with F2 shutters in the past has been that the top speeds (1/2000th and 1/1000th loose their accuracy in fairly short order. As the camera ages, typically the slower speeds (generally 1/15th down) tend to go out of whack. Any thoughts ?