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I haven't bought a new camera or lens for almost a year, and I can feel the Gas building. Just now I was looking at the cameraleather.com site for ideas on what camera to buy next. That's sad. Very, very sad. Sort of like buying a house because you have some remodeling ideas you want to try out.

Apart from that, my next purchase will likely be an EOS 1V to replace a 1N. Or maybe a Contax RTS II + winder. Perhaps a Contax ST + battery pack. Or maybe an EF 200mm f/2.8. But money's been very tight for the last few years. I find myself perusing the KEH catalog during down-times in the reading room, looking for inspiration. ...
I make rules and excuses to keep myself from buying things I don't need. Doesn't the 1V have plastic spools? Contax SLRs are nice, but good luck getting one repaired if it breaks. And so on Or you can just walk away - that's kept me from buying lots of things I didn't need