When I bought a mint 50 current model componon-s, I found the results from an old Durst Neonon I won at the same time on ebay much nicer. Perhaps a bit more contrast... but the prints seemed to have more substance and the best prints from the Neonon looked better than the best from the Componon-S no matter how hard I tried. Hard to define, but it was immediately obvious and I did not use the Componon S again.

I ended up with a Nikkor 63 2.8 due to vignetting issues with 50mm lenses on my 10x8 enlarger and found this produced prints identical to the Neonon (mine is made by Pentax) but free of vignetting at wider apertures (an enlarger issue).

I also find that my 105 rodagon 5.6 distinctly superior to my 80 f4 rodagon. Both are late models in the plastic barrels. The 80mm cannot match at any aperture what the 105 will do at f6.7-8. There is more sparkle and more edge to the grain from the longer lens. You'd never think anything was wrong using the 80mm only, but next to the 105 you DO see differences in the print.

My 150 Rodagon to my 135 Componon S produce indistinguishable prints really....

... so I guess in some cases one is superior to the other, but as for a general rule, forget it!