Solarol developer is worthwhile for anyone wanting good results with little experimenting. It works on both film and paper. Both should be high contrast. I've used it with Tech Pan and litho film. Tech Pan sheet film was shot at an exposure index of maybe 25. For developing, it was inserted in a cut-down film hanger to keep it submersed in the developing tray and backed by a fully exposed and developed sheet of scrap film to eliminate reflections from the film hanger. A water bath preceeded development. This is important to insure even development. The film was developed for about 45 seconds with constant agitation for the first 30 seconds. Then it was briefly flashed. More than a few seconds of flashing degrades the Sabattier effect. A small electronic flash is efficient and consistant. After another 45 seconds with no agitation the film is transferred to the stop bath and processed normally. My avatar was shot on Tech Pan and the below image was shot on litho film, both processed with Solarol for psuedo-solarization. Litho film has the advantage of permitting one to monitor the developing under a safelight.