Hi all,

Looking for encyclopedic or otherwise great reference books on lighting and lighting techniques. I really enjoy having reference books that I can keep on a shelf and forever retreat to in order to refresh my mind and come up with new ideas. I still have many of my old View Camera Technique and similar books that sit on a shelf and every once in a while I'll retreat to them and without fail I always get something useful out of them still to this day. Now I'm wondering if there are any books that people recommend as a solid reference for lighting. I've never had many lighting books and everything I know has been learned either on my own or through observation of other photographers and I'd like to bury myself in a good lighting reference book if it exists. I think I'm looking for something more of a large reference as opposed to instructional. Looking at some of my old view camera books, they cover everything including theory, equipment, technique, approach, examples of the results of using different techniques and tools, etc. Does something like this exist for lighting? Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.

To clarify, no real restrictions here. I'm interested in all kinds of lighting that applies to all types of photography. Thank you!