I hope this is not against the rules, there is already a thrade in the "for sale" section...

I'd like to trade my hasselblad kit :

- Early Hasselblad 500C, WLF finder. Works fine, the finder has been fixed but is fine.
- 80/2.8 Planar T* with hood. Signs of wear, cleaning marks on the front lens, the aperture clicks are "loose". Was seens by a technician for a lazy aperture, so aperture is fine and shutter works fine.
- C12 back, a bit of chrome is missing but operates fine and frames are correctly spaced.
- 2 A12 backs, matched inserts, work and look fine.
- NCE2 prism (45, unmetered) some paint missing but overall it's fine
- 250/5.6 Sonnar T*, chrome version,looks like new and works fine, save for the self-timer
- 21mm extension ring
- Hasselblad nylon strap
- B50 to 55mm adapter with 3 filters : UV, Orange (Hoya) and a B+W ND1.8
- B50 to B60 adapter ring

For LS lenses (Fujinon "C" 300/8.5 highly considered) to go woth my 4x5 folding.
I could also be (very) happy with a 8x10 folding (Tachihara very appreciated, others can be considered also)