Arlington Camera (Cooper and Randol Mill, a couple of miles west of the Ballpark) stocks a decent amount of film and paper across the board (large-format Polaroid and 4x5 film can be close to or out of date, be careful) and a bit of overpriced used gear. The store used to be better, but they went heavily into digital, basic lighting and accessories. A few of the newer salesmen are iffy, much more interested in you if you're buying a new digicam than a light meter. The older gentleman who runs the used area is the best, knowledgable and friendly.

They process 35mm C-41 onsite, can have most other things back in a day or two from BWC or Barron's in Dallas, minimal or no markup.

Ft. Worth Camera (on 7th Street, west of University in the Arts District) is a fairly new store (two or three years old) that seems to have a wider selection of tripods, film and paper than Arlington Camera at slightly better prices.

Competitive Camera (no idea, I navigate by feel with all the roadwork) has a good reputation as a pro shop, but I personally haven't found anything there that wasn't available at FWC or Arlington Camera. Pretty much the same story - good selection, prices higher than mail-order. Some folks don't like the owner as he can supposedly be gruff, but if you know what you want he's easy to work with.