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I found a receipt yesterday from a 10 roll purchase of delta 100 120 size from 2002.10 rolls cost me $64.90 at a local photo store.I can get it cheaper online today than I could almost 10 years ago at the local (monopoly) store.I'm laughing all the way to the darkroom!Cheer up,we've got it good!
Absolutely right.

Try getting a pilot's license, which I started working on in 2006 and passed my checkride in 2008, and have flown some off and on since. Compared to airplane rental or, even more so, potential ownership, ALL my other hobbies look awfully cheap! (Even so, a middle class professional who wants to sacrifice some other spending for it can fly - it's expensive but not as much as folks seem to think. We're not talking rich here, just "mildly addled to pay that much for it." But film? Bah!)

It's also interesting to compare the price adjusted for inflation. See here:


That $4.99 now is equal to $2 when I graduated high school in 1981. I was the yearbook photographer. I don't recall for sure what I paid for film but I'm pretty Tri-X in 35mm (I didn't shoot 120) was over $2 a roll. Or course 35mm is usually a bit more than 120 but still, considering the demand change, we've got it pretty good.

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It takes me longer to finish a $5.00 pint of beer than it does a 120 roll of Tri-X, despite the price increase, it's still worth it in my mind...
Absolutely. And if I shoot too much Tri-X I just get a backlog of undeveloped film waiting to process (like, um, I have now) not liver problems, accidents...

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The beer or the Tri-X?
Both, I think.