Well, like Manarchy said, it'll be like the circus coming into town.

Here's a thought: at a 35ft length, for a headshot with everything in focus, six feet high, what aperture is that for that DOF? Something just doesn't quite add up for that. I've poked around on the macro calculators, and it's just that somehow this isn't making sense to actually need a 35ft camera.

Lens Magnification and Depth of Field Calculator
Focal length: 480mm
Focusing distance: 2m
Extension: 1575mm (about 5ft)
f/stop: 90
Magnification: 3.9:1
And you'd have 200mm of DOF.

The prototype camera in his studio is much shorter than 35ft, and that's what he's using to make the current negatives. So, the actual camera is well under 10ft, and the rest is dark space.