Thanks for all the replies!

> Roger > What drew you into large format to start with film?
- hmm, "something more" than the files I get from my 5DMkII?
Don't get me wrong, I *LOVE* my 5DMkII, but,
I have been pondering digital medium format for a couple of years now.
I have concluded, that for ENORMOUS amounts of monies, which I will NEVER be able to afford,
I would gain very little.
I have lately been using pano stitching very successfully building huge resolution files w/ my 5DMkII, so I am
somewhat uncertain if my foray into LF film is wise.
Another questionable item about my choice at this time to go to LF film, is the ever decreasing film choices/resources.
Shrug, it's something I have kind of been wanting to do.
I am an electronics engineer by training, and get bored very easily if I don't learn something new and
Thus my current hobby of photography for the last 4 or so years has been enjoyable for me.
I find that photography is VAST, from hard core technical, to exotic art. I like it all.
I calibrate my monitors and printer, and dabble with Corel Painter 12.
I read all I can, and never get enough.
I actually shot 35mm film in the later 70's, early 80's during part of my US Navy training.
I found that 35mm slide film was more affordable, and actually liked it.
I, now regret, got away from all that, ever exploring many different hobbies, and far too many at one time.
Oh, and I still have that equipment, Konica T4 body, lenses, etc.
Heh, my old Vivtar 285 STILL works! I use it w/ remote triggers on my 5DMkII, along w/ my 580EXII flash.
I even bought an old Canon EOS film body w/ winder a couple of years ago.
I was teaching my niece about film, even using her Pokemon camera, it was fun.
I LOVE teaching.
Though, I somehow concluded, maybe unwisely?, after a few months of using 35m film, that it wasn't worth
scanning 35mm slides.
Though, the Pokemon camera had the artsy side to it, it was cool.
And I DO like working slowly.
I have been enjoying the use, about a year now, of old manual focus lens of many types, of many different brands
with my 5DMkII via adapters. I have many now, forever buying more.
I seem to have an addiction, so I guess LF camera style shooting is another step in my photography "hobby".
Yes, I intend to scan my 4x5 film to process via PS and print from my inkjet.
Though, I have been intrigued by this really great read:
There is a great thread on LF forums of people hacking stuff, I LOVE this.
And just in from Amazon today:
- Using The View Camera - Steve Simmons
- View Camera Technique, 7th edition - Leslie Stroebel
So, there you have it, me, well, kinda some of it, and waaay too long winded, and I'm sure boring to everyone.
But I'm kind of excited, again!