PS - The precursor

Does anyone remember in which books the "Railroad Camera" was mentioned? - I mean this one, the image of which I have stolen from, but no apologies as it looks like it was previously stolen to go on


Regarding the post above, even my professional environmental and arts documentation, in state and federal gov't collections in Australia, was better the longer I spent on the project and the more I knew the landscapes and people involved - Also, I do not photograph "art nudes" - My new work is strong naked portraits of strong beautiful women and the best images are coming from women in their 40s and 50s, with 10x8' negs celebrating their textural history - (The exhibition of these is booked for Fremantle, Western Australia in March 2014)

Also, I thought the figure requested on the Manarchy website is US$50,000, which seems very reasonable for the project - I have no way of understanding $8 million dollars, those sort of figures become meaningless to me - There is a big precedent for this kind of funding in the work of Christo, but he has had that aspect of his work wrapped up for a long time

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