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I just bought 100 shares of kodak, just for sake of putting in my 2 cents (literally)
The problem is that when you bought those shares you didn't help Kodak. Not a single penny of the money you paid for the shares will go to the company.

Furthermore, if you continue to hold the shares you are guaranteed to lose every penny you paid for them because if the company manages to emerge from bankruptcy as an operating company the old shares (including the ones you own) will be cancelled. New shares will be issued to the creditors, and the old shareholders will lose every penny on the shares they hold. The only way you can recover anything on your shares is if you sell them before the bankruptcy proceeding is completed.

Now, I'm not talking about losing 50% of your investment. I'm not talking about losing 90% of your investment. I'm not talking about losing 99% of your investment. I'm not talking about losing 99.999999% of your investment. I'm talking about losing 100%.

Now, if you really want to hold on to your shares for sentimental reasons then I suggest that you request a share certificate for the shares you own. You can hang it on your wall as a souvenir as a reminder of something that once was. The shares will have no other value than that. You should probably do that before the company emerges from bankruptcy because I doubt if it will be possible afterward.