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Interesting -- decades of dry-mounting and I never have had that happen. But I have always used Seal products.

And since I "float" the print inside the window, I would have seen it.

These days dry mounting tissues have changed, I've still got quite a large supply of Ademco (The Adhesive Dry Mounting Company) tissue left that I bought more than 35 years ago, I was given an Ademco dry mounting press when a local newspaper switched to RC papers in the 70's. These older tissues are shellac based and it was always recommended that the tissue be cut slightly undersized 1/16th of an inch on all sides, they required quite a bit of heat and pressure to get the best results. Slightly too long or too much pressure and the adhesive could bleed badly if cut to the exact size.

PE/RC prints couldn't stand the heat required for the older tissues so a new generation of lower temperature tissue were introduced and presses have changed as well.