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It's not that I'm an utter beginner but there are some reasons I want to get a new camera:

*It's heavy (I know that theoretically it's good (it's harder to jar it))

*It's quite hard to focus precisely (compared to those SLR's that have the the split-image rangefinder, which I love)

* The mirror slap/shutter open and close is very jarring, and the shock is not absorbed

*The lenses I have are old and heavy, and I'd rather spend money on lenses that are really good, I don't see any sens of wasting money on lenses for a camera that's morally outdated. (which is one of the most important motives for buying a new camera and collecting some (I think, about 4 would be quite enough) lenses for it)

[sorry for my english]

Anyway, even if I had a camera that has the AE or P programs, most of the time I would use it as a manual camera. Just sometimes it's good to have those programs.
While they don't all have AE, have you considered the Minoltas? They are very well made, have the split-image, DOF preview, mirror lockup, normal weight, the Rokkor glass is very good.

BTW what language do you speak? I'm curious to know what you mean by the Prakticas being "morally" outdated