Oh, well, I speak Latvia, since I'm from Latvia.
That's a Latvian proverb, which I just metaphrased in English.
By that I mean that that the Praktica Technically is good and usable, but I don't see a reason for buying new lenses to it, since sooner or later I will need a new camera.
And about Minoltas - I don't know anything, I just know that the Canon A-1 is quite good, and I just have used the Yashicas, and knoe they're better thatn the Praktica.
"morally" outdated - it's that for some reasons You can't use the item, because it has some "qualities", which in present situation and time makes You consider using something that's more of today.
Hope You at least got the taste of that proverb.

P.S. Ok, I'll try to list 10 most important things

And I could spend about (maximum)150-180 Euro (~ 230 $) for the camera and a 50 mm lens