It's fairly difficult to come up with the correct title to my question. Basically, I love old cameras like the rest of us here, but my intent is to put them to use. My mother tries hard to gift me things having to do with my interest, but puts her own feeling into it. Don't get me wrong I am grateful that she tries at all which is where my predicament comes into play. She goes out of her way to find things in antique stores and typically buys only things with original packaging. She did the same thing with woodworking tools. She is buying pieces more on a collector level or display level. Not a user level. I just know she is spending a fortune on this stuff without really knowing the value,plus spending extra for the packaging which I could care less about. So here is the example: The Tower folding camera. Great condition, but again not a camera that I would have seeked for myself. It is a heavy, solid and seemingly well built camera until you get to the shutter/lens. Very Sears/consumer camera rather than a higher end for the time, which I like. I wouldn't mind taking it out and running a few rolls of film through it, but I know that will be the end. If I keep the camera because it was a present that is well appreciated, I feel bad tossing the original packaging. If I turn around and sell the whole thing to someone that will appreciate the whole package for what it is, I have turned a cold shoulder to a gift.

How do "you" handle such things? The wife and I don't really display any of my camera equipment outside of the 8x10 Korona, so it won't be going on a shelf for display after those couple of rolls. More like on a shelf in the garage to collect dust. And, that seems just as wrong as the rest of this situation.

Thanks for the input.


ps. please excuse the camera phone shots.