It wasn't Hitler alone he had plenty of accomplices most of them even more demented than him Goebbels, Himmler, Göring. Hitler was the face of the NAZIS but not always the man in power. What Hitler clearly shows to me is what humans and masses (propaganda) are able to do and how low civilization can stoop. Genocide is not a german invention and the killings in the third reich were only the first in a series of genocides in the 20th century Pol Pot, Stalin, Papa Dog, Rwanda/Kongo and many more. It's amazing but it seems that humans never learn from the past quiet the contrary in fact.

Fully agree with this point
What's more troubling is that this belief in government superiority seems to be continuing in modern times.
I'm not pointing at any particular government or any particular political figure but just look around you and see how many people in government hold themselves above the will of the people instead of servants to it.