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A local school gave me two more enlargers last week, so today, I am holding a "Free Darkroom Workshop". That is, I am hosting an acquaintance who is interested in trying darkroom work. We will spend a few hours learning some basic techniques, and when he leaves, he is taking with him a small but complete darkroom setup for his own home. It was going to end up in the trash, but this way there is a chance it will get some use. Wish me luck.
Just as a follow up, this turned into a very enjoyable and successful afternoon. A young husband/wife with a passion for photography came over and spent three hours with me in my darkroom. They left with their own prints, an enlarger, trays, timer, safelight, etc., all of which were surplus to me. They were heading straight for the photography store to pick up film, paper and chemicals. All in all, a great day in service of traditional photographic techniques.

BTW, that's how you promote film use.