Thanks for the replies everyone. @JP- I have also been gifted quite a few cameras over time and most I use a couple times and then do the same and trade out for one I rather have. This is just that it is Mum. After getting glitter sweaters and 6 in 1 flashlights for the past 20 years, she is on the right track and don't want to discourage the turn down the right avenue. Even if it is a one way road in the opposite direction.

I will shoot this camera to see the results and may very well keep it, but that packaging means something to some collectors and I have no interest in keeping that. Funny thing is, she bought my wife an antique doll for xmas this year because it was Swedish themed and my wife is Swedish. Original box and paperwork collectable doll and my wife nearly screamed when she saw it. Much like a "Chucky" doll in her opinion and freaks her out. I had to take it out of the house so it didn't escape in the night. Mom=great woman, great heart, love her, just on a different page. We actually told her about the doll. She took it pretty well, I just didn't want to double up on her.