Bought an FE2 a few years back that wouldn't advance due to some kind of mechanical issue with the advance lever, almost as if some kind of internal clutch were slipping and the film not winding on.

Well, figured out shortly afterward that the camera I had been sold had, at some point in it's life, been dropped on the right back corner - as the metal showed the typical inward/upward buckling. Said buckling had caused that corner of the top-plate to protrude upward and made the single-vs-multi lever pretty much jammed in place. After I was able to force the exposure-mode lever to single, film advancing was now working better but the advance lever still wouldn't return back to place on it's own as the washer under it had excessive pressure being placed on it from the below bulging of the top-plate corner.

A simple 7mm craftsman punch and a few whacks with a hammer later, the bulge was now lowered enough such that the washer had less pressure on it and the advance knob was rotating back on it's own without any issue. Problem effectively solved, and a body I had set aside for years is now loaded back up with film and equipped with a classic Nikkor 24mm f/2.8, ready to roll.

Nothing better than restoring life back into something that others might have given up on.