Yes, you're right. Hitler did not act alone but, as the figure head of the Nazi machine, we hold him up as a singular example of the wrongdoings of many people who acted together as a group. I agree that the Nazis were just the vanguard that paved the way for others who came after him.

It just bugs the hell out of me to see somebody who is supposed to be a trustee of the people acting like Hitler did, as if he was better than the people he governed.

This is an attitude that I am afraid is becoming all too common in today's governments. It is an attitude that needs to be stamped out.
Regardless of the country people live in, the party they belong to or the political ideology they hold, I hope that people will consider this thought the next time they vote. If we don't, we might not be able to vote much longer.

I hope these pictures will serve as a reminder to people.

Remember: Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reason.