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PWT is very responsive to developers as well as toners. Truly wonderful, flexible stuff with the most pleaseing warm tone I've seen. I was never a warm tone liker until I tried it, and I fell in love with it I haven't used much MGWT but I didn't find it anywhere near as pleasing or flexible.
I was never a warm tone fan either, but I tried some and now keep finding subjects it fits.

I tone it in Brown Toner (the single solution brown, not bleach and redevelop sepia - that works great too but is more PITA to mix from powder with short life, where the brown toner is a liquid concentrate.) I get the Freestyle Arista brand toner - same as Kodak but Freestyle sells it in 8 oz bottles while Kodak now only sells it (or Champion, but whatever) in a gallon sized lifetime supply for something absurd like $250+. At any rate, based on Drew Wiley's advice I mixed it 1/4 strength, but now I'm mostly mixing it 1/8th strength. I don't generally want the really brown/sepia look, but I can get that easily enough at 1/4 strength and up. I mix it 1/8th strength, 1/8 oz in a quart of water. I tone generally for 20-30 seconds, remove from toner and immerse immediately in water bath, do not drain (or the running toner can streak.) If that's not enough back in the toner.

It took me a while because I was keeping the toner a day or two and the next day it works, but more slowly, the third day barely at all etc. It was just habit, the stuff is cheap enough. So I was confused at first. But once I figured it out, went to 1/8th the bottle recommended strength, I can control it and get what I want. Generally I just want to remove the green tone and give it a hint of warm brown. 20-30 seconds in 1/8th strength does that really nicely. If I want browner/warmer I can easily get it.