Ok... I just have to ask. Is the popularity of the Polaroid 420, merely the fact that it says "420" on it?

I bought a 420 on eBay on Friday, because it looked to be in minty condition and it was only $12. Since then I have been researching the specs on it, and found Michael Raso's videos. In the video below he states that it has become "immensely popular by the Film Photography Project followers."

But if the 420 is similar to the 320, which is similar to the 210, which is similar to the 104, which is similar to the 103, which is similar to the 101, which is of course similar to the 100 (according to rwhirled.com)..... What is it about the 420 that makes it special?

Is it because its a reminder of the internationally friendly time to befriend Mary? Or does it truly have a super secret special power?