The Nikon FE-2 looks quite ok, though quite expensive.
Well, I understand that the cheap ones will not have the DOF preview, although my Praktica has one, but it's not that important, if it makes the camera cost much more.

So some thing I'd like to have :
Manual focusing
It rather be cheap than expensive
I'd like the Shutter-priority program
I'd like to see the shutter and aperature info in my viewfinder
It does not have to be a tank, but it should not be a soapbox either (like the Pentax Mz-m)
TTL flash metering would not be bad, but not necessary
It shout not be some kind of retro-camera

As I said, it could be something between Yashica fx-103 and Canon A-1

What do You think of The A-1?

And - again, thanks for replies, I've read them and inspected the cameras You adviced