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This is it, the totality of what is to actually happen to film in a nutshell. There is no doubt that demand will continue to fall, especially considering cinema's exit from film as a majority of use medium. That one coating machine at Rochester is a marvel to behold, the robot in the center pouring conveyor belt fed components into the mix, the enormous foundation of concrete to negate vibrations. I *must* be mistaken, but I recall Garrett Kokx of Kodak telling us that production capacities are not limited to large runs...PE, is that right?

That is right but a bit misleading in this sense. As scale goes down, overhead stays constant and thus cost per unit produced goes up. Also, for some products, as scale goes down so does quality unless the product is redesigned for that scale / speed. This costs money as well.

As I understand it, there is a smaller machine still there and there are some in KRL that could be used with some pain. IDK what exists any more and what costs are involved.

I can say this. At the present time, with good management, there is room for Kodak, Fuji and Ilford along with the smaller European companies. The operative phrase is "with good management" which Kodak has apparently not had under Perez.