Test Results
Yesterday, I was going to test the neg in question with Kodak paper rather than the Fuji I had the problem with. I found something, but I'm not sure it's the problem. When I was pouring the blix into the tray, I noticed a precipitate in the blix. I thought that was the source of the problem; bad blix. I mixed fresh chemistry and did some printing today. I made prints of the color checker frame with the different papers i had on hand. First, I used the filtration I'd gotten good prints with using the Kodak Supra paper - 45M, 80Y - & got a print with no color cast on the first try. Then I tried some Fuji P and got a good print with 15M, 50Y. When I tried the Fuji C I originally had the problem with, I went to 0M, 50Y and still had a slight cyan cast.

So, now I just don't know. Fresh chemistry, and still the same problem with the same paper. The other papers I tried look ok, so maybe it's the box of paper I got. Since I got good color balance with 2 papers, that does rule out UV fluorescence from the Color Checker. As expensive as they are, I doubted that Macbeth would use a fluorescing ink on them anyway.

At the very least, I've learned a lot from this. Thanks to everyone for their input and advice.