If you want something lighter and with a bright viewfinder, try Olympus OM. They are light and with smooth mirrors (the OM-1 has mirror lock up). The OM-2n is perhaps the best mix of cost with manual and auto. They are reliable, have good battery life and there is loads of superb glass. It doesn't have shutter priority auto, though, although I have rarely missed it.

I would also agree that the Nikon FE-2 is a good choice, but not if you are left eyed. It switched on with the film wind lever and if you are left eyed you will bash your head with the lever and switch the camera off when you bring the thing up to your eye. I always thought the contempoary Canons, e.g. the AE-1 and A-1 were male jewelry at the time and still do. Sorry to Canon lovers.