I have been a little poor on timely responses to the cards I have rec'd since the middle of Jan or thereabouts.

7 more cards in - 25in, 5 to go.

I no particular order I have
gordrob - Rose Deer Hotel. To someone from down under this looks just like what I would expect to see in old western movies. I take it where this hotel is situated the coal dried up and the town died a slow death?
Tim Gray - Wall of Hallgrimskirkja. Another image of great symatry and the light columns in the centre that grow darker toward the edges of the picture.
Craig Ross - A bunch of Dollars. Took me a while to work out what you had photographed, but when I did it was obvious. The close detail was what threw me initially.
Roger R. Thoms - Double Doors. Well framed. The rectangular doors forming a square, then framed by more rectangles. Great image that has drawn many comments from the visitors to my home.
labcoat - Burger Delite. Great to get another colour picture and with hand written notes as well. Thank you.
ndrs - Gang. If my kids tried dressing up like this they and I would be ordered to seek councilling. But it is not to unlike what I would have been up to when I was 10 just 30 years ago.
Mark Rewald - Alfalfa. I love the effect that you achieved with the print.