5 in 25 to go

So fast after the sart of round 25.

Mike Wilde - . Three cards in an envelope. seeing what Canada post charges I can see why you want to send as much as you can for the one price. I always look forward to your cards, a real mystery of what I will get.
mooseontheloose - Paro Festival Dancer #2. My first hand written cards for this round. You have captured the dancer beautifully.
anikin - Prickly Card. My first colour print for round 25. Thank you very much for this picture. The colours look to my eye so realistic. Well done on the colour balance.
Rob Skeoch - Resting in the Shade. The choice of the Ilford Art 300 really has helped this picture stand out. Visitors to my place can't believe it is a wet darkroom print.
MattKing - Boathouses. I love it as it took me back a while to Norway where I had seen something very similar. The colours were vivid, but not brilliant.

Thanks to you all for these great starters to round 25.

I was sent off on a work trip at 4 hours notice today. As soon as I was told of the trip I was off home to throw in a Nikon F5 with several lenses, Kodak Panoram #4, Franka Solida III, Voigtlander Bessa, Olympus XA, Horizon U500, a Stereo camera and a bucket of films before I grabbed a weeks worth of clothing. I hope to get an image that is worthy of this exchange from the Victorian high country in between the challanges of work.