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Could you help with a few specific addresses here?
Ed, you can find the Fuji Crystal Archive Data Sheet here: http://www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epa...n/AF3-992E.pdf

Information from Kodak:

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I can only say that the Ilfocolor prints I have hanging appear to be "fresh". I really cannot duplicate processing - those in question were processed with Photocolor (early) and JOBO/ Russell, JOBO/Trebla - and JOBO (Tetenal) chemicals - and I have no doubt that the chemical process has a significant effect on color balance and longevity.
IMO, it is not necessary to have an exact duplicate to judge fading. Any fresh print will be a comparison (if the current material is much better, it is a reason to replace the old one anyway). The problem is that if one looks at a print every day, he may not notice the aging. It is the same with people you see often.