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Whatever the negative demands.

My main exposure times are usually between 10 and 40 seconds, and any burning required is in addition to that.
I draw a stick figure of the print where I note dodging and burning (at varying filter grades), note main exposure time, lens aperture, filtration, etc. This teaches me that it's important to be able to repeat the results down the road, and it helps me remain consistent with my work.

So, whatever the print seems to demand, I don't care what the actual number is, just that I know exactly what the number is.
I do something very similar, often less elaborate if the negative doesn't need that much dodging and burning (but if it does, I do pretty much the same.)

I prefer longer printing times, within reason, to give time for dodging if needed, and the longer burning times with smaller stops/dimmer source also seem to make it easier for me to get a nicely blended undetectable burn. I prefer 15-30 seconds but don't usually open up another stop unless I'm over 40 seconds.