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Could you help with a few specific addresses here?
Ed, you can find the Fuji Crystal Archive Data Sheet here: http://www.fujifilm.com/JSP/fuji/epa...n/AF3-992E.pdf

Information from Kodak:
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IMO, it is not necessary to have an exact duplicate to judge fading. Any fresh print will be a comparison (if the current material is much better, it is a reason to replace the old one anyway). The problem is that if one looks at a print every day, he may not notice the aging. It is the same with people you see often.[/quote]

Thanks ... I think. The information form Kodak is informative ... but it will take some time for this weary grey matter to digest it all. Interesting to note that my quickie measurements seem to fall into the "office illumination' range.

Fuji, apparently, bases its longevity on outdoor display, averaging out to 1,000 lux, intermittently.

Also ... an interesting statemant form Kodak about its "Endura" -- "Will last TWICE as long as *any* other silver - based paper."