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The reason we get beafy tripods is to control vibration
so the first thing I'd do is hang my camera bag on the tripod
to add weight and the second thing is trip the mirror first.
I think minimising vibration is more of a concern with the LF
group and their use of large cross section to mass
cameras; air currents. Wait till the wind wanes.

Where ground source vibration is present, grounding the tripod
with it's mass or added mass I'd think counter productive.
Wait till the vibs subside.

I'm not bothered by ground or wind sources of vibration.
The wooded, cliffed, gorged, landscape in which I work is free
of those. Balance though has on occasion been a concern when
working the rough, sloping, loose terrain. That is where a 6 x 6 or
rotating back RB or RZ are the best choice in medium format. I've
one of each but yet to use them on location. My Bronica 6 x 4.5
will be in use to start the season. I'll be being careful when
flipping it on yielding terrain. Dan