A few years ago I have had an XA gone flaky, shutter release wise, sent in for repair.

The repair guy died. I profited a lot from the liquidation auction of the stuff his shop stocked.
Four bladed easels 11x14, enlarger grain focussers, 8x10 safe lights, much much more etc. about $40.

Then more stuff from his storage location on sale at a photo swap show four month later. About $55; a lot of all sorts of flashbulbs. Like about 800 of them. Sold maybe a quarter of the the big box just bought at my table five minutes later for $40.

Then gave some of the large old flashbulbs I had no use for to a gal at a local photo rental place, who I know loves them.
She gives me a surplus wing lynch water panel she has too many of (from scouring what was left behind when Kodak left Toronto and abandon buildings at Mt. Dennis).

Then I buy a replacement XA off a classified ad here before I blocked looking at them.
from John... the Banana, for a most reasonable price, and it is in great shape.

I take it to Cub winter camp with my son's troop, and take a whack of photos with it that weekend.

The troop leader leaves town a few months after, and lands on my doorstep to give me an XA2, and stylus epic, and a bunch of expired c-41 film as he is clearing his house prior to moving, knowing I still am addicted to film.

All from that first dead XA. So joy from these things even when they die.