After a small journey to find a good portable camera, I have found teh XA series and am very glad that I did! There is a reason why these are held in such regard, they are simply amazing! I first got an XA and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the images that it makes. Together with its size, it's absolutely perfect. After using my XA for a month or two, I picked up an XA-2 for a measly $10 and that really pushed my love for the XA series even higher. I now carry the XA-2 with its companion A-11 flash pretty much everywhere. I've taken so many wondeful shots with it and it is an absolute joy to use, I couldn't be any happier. It does have a weakness and that's its weak shutter release button which is very flaky, but I can live with it if I keep getting such wonderful results from it. Much love for the XAs!