Hello friends,

I decided to recall my past and to reversal-process some of B&W film. Well, since I did it the last time (in late 80s), the film was not the same as today, that's for sure I got a PDF from Ilford, recommending Bromophen+hypo as a first developer, and PQ universal as a second developer. As far as I know, ID-62 is essentially the same thing as Bromophen, so I can my homebrew version with ease. But why they don't recommend the same developer without silver solvent as a second developer? I need your opinion about it - can I use the same ID-62 1+3, say, to make a second development? It should definitely work, but maybe someone can give me a hint? Also I don't see much sense in permanganate bleach... ewwww, it would be a nightmare to remove all those manganese dioxide brown stains from everywhere! They don't use bichromate bleach for its serious toxicity? But the permanganate is not better by all means, really.

Regards from Moscow,