No, panties still buched. And it is arrogant know it alls like you that make any hobby harder to access for beginners and people without your huge wealth of knowledge and experience (which you seem inclined to mention in every second sentence - insecure, are we?). There are people who go to their camera outlet in the mall and expect some degree of knowledge to get them started. They are not idiots, they just don't know where to start. They usually buy a major brand because it is all they know of and assume that the name on the camera will afford them some degree of assurance. And as you know, a lot of these stores do not have anyone behind the counter to help - highschool kids working for beer money. And in the days before the internet, info was much harder to come by. These people buy the kit lenses. These people expect a minimum of functionality and use out of their investment - they do not expect that a major name brand will hand them something that is near useless.
For specifics sake, the camera is a very entry level Minolta XP si, the lense is a 28-80mm (I was mistaken about the focal length in my previous post.) And no, I have yet to see any lense, on any major make camera that was as useless as that one. At least most things that don't work can be used as paper weights or book ends - this thing is too flimsy even for that.

The point of my initial post, was that Minolta has been a major player and a great alternative that was as good and often better than Nikon or Canon - and that is why I was so shocked that the camera my father bought these many years ago was in many ways a dud.

And the 7000 was, and still is one of the ugliest piecesof photo equipment ever made. It is the photographic equivalent of pink leopard print tights and Flock of Seagulls music... It is just... so 80's...
And alright, so you DO own a 7000 - now I see that you percieved my comment as a personal slight...Sorry