I have something similar, Kodak Autographic 1A. The film, of course, is no longer available for mine or yours. It used really wide post card sized negative as John has already said. That doesn't mean we can't have fun though. I have put a regular 120 film in it and used a small spool of dental floss on both sides of the spool, then used the correct spool for take-up spool. It actually works but you'll have to experiment and guess the correct frame position by number of turns. You'll also have to cover up the red counter window.

Amazingly enough, it made images. Not great but still made some pictures..... There's something really refreshing about using these simple old cameras and still make photographs. It makes one rethink about all the electronics, automation, and complications in today's gear.

Anyway, why not tape up the holes in the bellows and play?