Anakin – Prickly card. RA-4 contact printing of a 4x5. Nice treat. Ektar, eh? That explains the ‘slide like’ colour contrast. The framing might have been helped by a lower viewpoint, but I am sure there were prickly issues that constrained where you imaged from.

Delphine – Brighton Marina. Ah the joys of the still early morning water. Particularly is you were one of the ones dragging themselves home at that hour. The slightly off centered viewpoint from the middle between the row of moored boats strengthens the image over what a fully symmetrical framing would have provided. Nice bold margins, a nice range of print tones. The fog does not come though as strongly in the print as you recall it. I know first hand the challenges of getting a convincing fog to print. It was that challenge that drove me to start dabbling with PMK pyro, but even that film developer does not always deliver great fog rendition in the print.

Matt King – Boathouses. A most delicious slight shimmer in the reflection in the water, as only a light breeze can deliver. Nice image. I might have printed it with a bit of a higher contrast to lighten the face of the boat houses.

Meazdad81: Dew in the Pines- Lovely bokeh, and tack sharp capture of the drops of moisture on the end of each needle. Nice use of all black in one corner to kind of ‘anchor’ the image for me. This picture is a great example of showing that there are good images available for the capture everywhere. ‘ All’ we need to do is slow down and take a good look. Good blacks from RA-4 color paper. I know this is not always easy to do.

Rob Skeoch – Resting in the Shade Lovely tonal range. The nice lack of focus in the background draws us to the kid flopped/draped on the motorcycle, thanks to low ambient leading to a less than infinity DOF. The posing, if there was any, is very good. Otherwise, the image is a fine example of good street photography. There is a great matt texture to the paper finish. I am tempted to try this paper, despite a full freezer of paper I already stock.